We’re making safe, sustainable, and affordable protein-based food ingredients that address today’s ethical, environmental, and consumer health challenges.
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Next-generation ingredient development: Protera’s Natural Intelligence™

Today’s challenges:
Feeding a growing population with nutritious food.
Current industrial-scale food production technologies have negative and long-lasting consequences on the environment.
One-third of food produced worldwide is wasted every year.

We have developed a unique process called Natural Intelligence™ to carefully craft ingredients that are safe, sustainable, economical, and without any of the damaging effects associated with today’s production methods. Food and ingredient manufacturers can now do the right thing for people and the planet without compromising on quality.

Protera’s Natural Intelligence™ process uses a predictive algorithm named madi™ to identify and reveal proteins that would exist in nature. Using madi™, we can discover and craft new protein-based ingredients faster and more affordably than ever before, unlocking a revolution in human health, the environment, and preventing food waste.
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Curb food waste with food that naturally lasts longer.

Food waste in the US is estimated to be between 30-40%  of the food supply—approximately 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food.

To combat waste, we’re developing Protera Guard, a new ingredient to extend food long-term shelf-life.
Say Goodbye To Moldy Bread: AI-Driven Biotech Startup Is Fermenting Natural Ingredients To Double Bakery Shelf Life
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Foods that save the rainforests

We found palm oil in roughly half of all packaged goods. Demand for palm oil has driven industrial-scale plantations deep into the world’s rainforests.

The vast majority of palm oil produced is labeled Conflict Palm Oil and is linked to the destruction of rainforests, species extinction, climate pollution, and human rights abuses.

We are using our platform to develop sustainable alternatives to palm oil.
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The health-friendly oil designed to replace Trans Fatty Acids.

Fat is a crucial ingredient in our food because it provides texture. Spreadable food products use fats that melt at body temperature, but these are very scarce and expensive like cocoa butter.

Today, many products contain chemically hydrogenated fats as a cheap source of spreadable texture. This type of chemically modified fat contains trans-fats, associated with cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes.

We created Protera Sense to offer food manufacturers an alternative to high trans-fat shortenings and palm oil.
“A 2% absolute increase in energy intake from trans-fat has been associated with a 23% increase in cardiovascular risk.”