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Protera journal (July)

Welcome to Protera’s monthly journal, where we showcase the most notable highlights and advancements of our projects, along with the latest relevant news. Stay tuned and follow us for the most up-to-date updates. What’s new? We had an incredible three days at SynBioBeta 2023 in California, where we unveiled our revolutionary protein engineering software, #madi™. The

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What is unsupervised learning and how can AI learn on its own?

By: Roberto Ibañez Supervised and unsupervised algorithms are a traditional way of dividing problem types within machine learning. The difference between the two is that, in a supervised network, “labeled data” is given as training input, so the algorithm learns to solve a task with known values iteratively. In contrast, in an unsupervised network,

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ICL Partners with Protera Biosciences to Develop Innovative Plant-Based Ingredients

ICL Invests in Novel Ingredient Development ICL Food Specialties has joined forces with Protera Biosciences, an AI-driven startup, which designs and develops new proteins, in order to develop novel, sustainable and highly functional protein-based ingredients for food manufacturers. This partnership follows ICL’s 2021 investment into Protera via ICL Planet Startup Hub, which ICL uses

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Proteins and the future of food

Future Congress 2023 By: Francia Navarrete The palm tree needs 300 liters of water daily every year, and if we go to the example of beef, 1kg of meat requires 15; this will not be sustainable in the short or medium term, as the agricultural and livestock industry occupies 50% of the habitable land

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What exactly are proteins, and how do they work?

Biology has perfected life for billions of years, but this would not have been possible without the appearance of proteins By: Leonardo Alvarez You are probably familiar with the fact that we are all made of cells, and that the same applies to all living things on earth. Those cells are tiny capsules that

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