Proteins and the future of food

Future Congress 2023 By: Francia Navarrete The palm tree needs 300 liters of water daily every year, and if we go to the example of beef, 1kg of meat requires 15; this will not be sustainable in the short or medium term, as the agricultural and livestock industry occupies 50% of the habitable land

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What is unsupervised learning and how can AI learn on its own?

By: Roberto Ibañez Supervised and unsupervised algorithms are a traditional way of dividing problem types within machine learning. The difference between the two is that, in a supervised network, “labeled data” is given as training input, so the algorithm learns to solve a task with known values iteratively. In contrast, in an unsupervised network,

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ICL Partners with Protera Biosciences to Develop Innovative Plant-Based Ingredients

ICL Invests in Novel Ingredient Development ICL Food Specialties has joined forces with Protera Biosciences, an AI-driven startup, which designs and develops new proteins, in order to develop novel, sustainable and highly functional protein-based ingredients for food manufacturers. This partnership follows ICL’s 2021 investment into Protera via ICL Planet Startup Hub, which ICL uses

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