May 11, 2020

Evolved Materials: biology is changing the way we eat, drink, breathe, & compute

In today’s silica and petroleum-based high-tech world, we often forget that nature has spent billions of years building technology. Now, with the power of bioengineering, we can harness the advantages of both nature and man-made technologies to make materials even better!

Join us in exploring new possibilities with virus-based gas sensors, long-term data storage in DNA, designer fats in foods, and efficient biodegradable water filters.

Come network with biotech professionals, ask your questions, and tour the IndieBio biotech accelerator space.


Ray Chiu, CEO of BioInspira

BioInspira has developed a virus-based sensor network which will enable detection of airborne chemicals remotely and in real time, creating the next generation of infrastructure for industry.

Hyunjun Park, CEO of Catalog Technologies

Catalog is harnessing DNA to store the world’s information.

Leonardo Álvarez, CEO of Protera

Protera creates designer proteins by finding and manipulating specific enzyme activity. They make enzymes for the food industry that reduce saturated fat levels while maintaining consistent aroma, taste, and feel.

Vivian Qu, CEO of ViaeX

ViaeX creates biological nanofiltration systems for water and air which are 400% more efficient than current solutions and enable selective pollutant and bacteria targeting. These systems are biodegradable, low cost, and rapidly scalable to enable fast deployment in cities around the world facing serious pollution issues.

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