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Consumers want healthy, safe foods made from ingredients that are produced in a responsible, sustainable manner. That’s what Protera delivers.

A unique clean-label protein to extend food shelf-life and replace chemical preservatives.  This product has an anti-mold effect without requiring acidic environments. This property avoids any impact on the organoleptic properties. Our protein is also thermostable, making protera guard the perfect choice for baked products.

We are entering pilot-scale fermentation to reach larger-scale production of Protera Guard.  

Designed by our Natural Intelligence™ and sourced from flowers.
Protera Sense is a development-stage product line— a health-friendly plant-based oil- designed to improve texture in food without adding palm oil or trans-fats.

Our Natural Intelligence™ developed a new biocatalyst to optimize the melting point of vegetable oils, without generating trans-fats. With this process we can selectively transform unsaturated fats into saturated fats.

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Antioxidant Proteins

Antioxidant proteins are very popular with consumers and in high demand from food manufacturers. The next generation of antioxidant is being discovered by Protera’s Natural Intelligence technology and will meet more of today’s ethical, environmental, and consumer health concerns.

Foaming & Emulsifying Proteins

Protera is currently developing a new generation of foaming and emulsifying proteins. Our upcoming portfolio of ingredients will allow food manufacturers to replace existing emulsifiers such as eggs and lecithins in common foods.

Meet the next generation of ingredients.

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