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Protera guard™ Update: Unveiling a Remarkable 24x Product Yield Improvement Milestone Achieved Together!

The collaborative journey of our protein engineering and production teams, culminating in our pilot facility in France, has made tremendous progress towards launching the world’s first antimold protein-based ingredient. 
Our goal was to tackle the challenge of enhancing food shelf-life. From the start, we acknowledged that achieving commercially relevant yields was pivotal to ensure this pioneering product’s commercial success.

Since we  transitioned the project to our top-tier protein manufacturing team in France, we proudly announce a remarkable achievement: a 24-fold increase in product yield from our precision fermentation process. This accomplishment not only paves the way for Protera guard’s™ imminent commercial debut but also offers an avenue for partnering with diverse stakeholders during the sampling process. The collaborative synergy between our protein engineering and production teams has been instrumental in reaching this significant milestone and shortening the cycle for future products in our development pipeline.

Key Projects


Join the Protein Revolution with madi™, the AI platform for protein engineering. Discover high-performing proteins, shorten development times, and increase success rates efficiently.


Exciting madi™ News! With our first clients on board, we’re actively refining the user experience. As we move forward with these valued collaborations, our dedicated team continues to work on updates and enhancements to drive our implementation roadmap even further

1st Expedition:

2nd Expedition: Coming Soon!

Protera Guard™

Transforming the Food Supply Chain: Our Innovative Protein Fights Mold Formation. A Landmark in Food Industry Investment.


Unveiling an impressive 24x product yield improvement milestone, a joint accomplishment of our protein engineering and production teams. This achievement propels us into Protera guard’s™ commercial stage, exemplifying the strength of teamwork.

Gelling Proteins

Redefining Plant-Based Meat Textures: Discover Our Novel Protein Substitute for Methylcellulose – A Leap Forward in Alternative Protein Industry.
*Produced with Protera’s unique fermented protein.


Our team has made impressive strides, bringing us closer to the pilot scale milestone. Since July, our Precision Fermentation Technical Lead has been closely collaborating with the team in France, exchanging invaluable learnings from the process initiated in Chile. We’re excited to share more updates with you soon!

What’s next?

Expanding our horizons in the biotech and protein engineering ecosystem! We’re excited to announce our active participation in key industry fairs and summits. Together, we’ll showcase our brand and cutting-edge products, while fostering valuable connections within the community. Let’s thrive together!

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